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918Kiss, a name that is not at all foreign to any native online casino players; in fact, it has been used for many years. The well-known casino brand which was also known as Scr888 before that, is adored by many. One of its advantages that has helped it become well-known in Southeast Asia is its capacity to host up to 200,000 players at once.


Slot games, fishing games, arcade games, and table games—all popular and well-known casino game categories—are offered here with different game themes, payouts and characteristics. You will be able to appreciate every aspect of the app’s gameplay experience thanks to its amazing design, snappy animations, and inventive themes. If you enjoy playing different live casino games online with millions of other players from around the globe, here is the place to go to.
As mentioned, the brand has rapidly expanded throughout many other nations as well as Southeast Asia. As a result, the site’s contents are available in a variety of languages, including English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Thai. Since 918Kiss is governed by the Gaming Council, players shouldn’t be worried about security and safety concerns when accessing it as it is a trustable site which players can access using mobile devices at all times.

What is Test ID?

Test ID is one of the common terms one may notice when it comes to online casinos. Test ID is designed to allow players to enjoy playing all games available on a particular platform without risking their own money. The most important distinction is that it does not allow wagering with actual money. It can also be referred to as a demo account which is also a publicly shared account. 918Kiss understands the need of test IDs that they offer up to 9,000 test IDs. Thanks to their thoughtful move which makes it one of the reasons for their success.
There should be times where a gamer wants to play an online casino game, for instance, slot game—without having to wager in their own money. That is the perfect moment when one needs a test ID that normally comes in unlimited game credit. Test IDs are commonly with large game credit, the credit will be automatically “reloaded” once it is finished by the player. The whole of test IDs game credit is only digitized and no actual cash is deposited. In this principle, every credit a player gains while using the test ID is not offered to cash out, even if the account’s game credit goes up which is earned by the players in games. In fact, test ID could be used to test a players’ luck as well.

Why you need Test ID for 918kiss?

It is strongly suggested that players make extensive use of the test IDs that have been provided by 918Kiss. It enables players to try out all the games on 918Kiss and discover which are the best ones that suit one perfectly. There are more than 100 over games available on the platform which includes slot games, arcade games, table games, and fishing games – players are able to find one for them for sure. One can try out the game by accessing via a test ID before putting in their real money to avoid careless losses.
Plus, by using test IDs that do not require one to deposit money in, players are able to find out which of the games that offer better and higher payouts while playing. As the return to player rates varies across games, it would seem to be silly if one did not at least get a rough idea about a particular game by using a test IDs offered by 918Kiss to try. Once players get familiar with the game, then you should know that it is the time you can quit the game via test ID and start your amazing gaming journey on 918Kiss.

How to login via Test ID?

After we understand what is good about test ID, now it is time to login via test ID prepared by 918Kiss. Below are the login details as well as step-by-step guide that players should know to start playing using a test ID.

User ID: test1000 – test10000
Password: 1234

Step 1: Download the 918Kiss mobile app onto your phone.

Step 2: Launch it and login using the above account IDs to login.

Step 3: (Example) User ID: test3888, password: 1234.

Step 4: If “test3888” is not available to log, this is due to being occupied by some other user; keep trying with a different test ID until you get into one.

Bear in mind that the User ID is not “test1000 – test10000”, but rather any number between 1000 and 10000, as there are 9,000 over test IDs prepared for the members. One test ID is able to be logged in by one user who would then have full access to the account, until he quit from the account. If a member ever has any problems regarding test ID, the customer support is always there to assist.

If you do not know how to download 918kiss, you are welcome to visit “How to Download 918kiss“. It is a good guide for people who are having trouble getting the 918kiss app to download from the Winbox platform.

Try the Test ID in these Hot Games

Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef has a theme that allows players to explore the ocean’s depths and the ocean’s deepest depths. A 5-reel, 20-win-line slot machine accepts bets from players of all skill levels. This animated slot machine has wild symbols, scatter payoffs, and a free spins bonus with potentially massive payouts. Seahorses, sea turtles, starfish, and clownfish are just a few examples of marine life that can enhance the underwater experience.

Monkey Story Plus

This game is easy to play and has a user-friendly layout. Players will have to place a wager that they believe will win before the game begins to spin. You can place as many characters as you like but minimum with one character placed to join the game. The side bet with the banker, player, or tie is as follows. Every round’s winning odds are varied and fluctuate at random. Since they can employ a multiplier and their stake sizes can range from 2/100 to the utmost, people like playing this game.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

In Da Sheng Nao Hai, players’ mission is to eliminate as many different species of marine life as possible using the fewest number of bullets possible. The amount of credit placed into the game is directly proportional to the number of virtual bullets you have access to. This is why players are encouraged to try this game with a test ID before placing real money in. By the way, the graphics of Da Sheng Nao Hai are very amazing, and the game features fantastic music, incredible score multipliers, and a multiplayer mode.

For your information, if you are interested in discovering more games in 918kiss, be sure to check out the “Top 10 games in 918kiss” for a comprehensive list of the best options available. 


To conclude, test ID is one thing that players should give a try regardless of the reason for doing so, whether it be for the purpose of testing out various games or simply for the purpose of having fun; they are perfect for any reason. If we were to claim that the existence of Winbox makes gambling much simpler and more convenient, then the availability of test ID makes gambling more wiser and accurate.
Due to the fact that 918Kiss provides a vast assortment of games in a variety of categories, it is essential for players to determine which games and themes are most suited to their own preferences. Players may utilize these test IDs that come with unlimited game credit, to test out a variety of games to determine which ones are the most enjoyable for them.

After getting some experience with the games in which they are interested by means of a test ID, players are able to begin using their personal Winbox account (which is tied up with 918Kiss) to begin making money once they have become familiar with those games. Winbox also provides their players with a large number of incredible bonuses and promotions; you can visit here “Winbox Promotion” to follow up every promotion that Winbox offers. In fact, you should never pass up the opportunity to claim yours, as doing so will increase the likelihood that you will win. Good luck!

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